newest obsession: adult coloring books!!

Adult coloring books have been around for a couple of years now, however I didn’t manage to stumble upon them until last week. I was a little overwhelmed by my own excitement… I freaking love coloring things. It’s a creative outlet, that’s even suitable for people lacking creative skills!

Coloring is cheap therapy, and its been my savior this last week of finals during my summer semester. I’ve also been staying hidden the past couple days, due to a cute little lip filler I had done. A little advice: don’t get lip fillers during a finals week. Don’t be impatient like me… having an up-close and personal conversation with my psych professor about the guidelines of an essay was uncomfortable with his eyes shifting constantly back and forth from my prominent duck lips. I’ll post a blog later with more details on my procedure and with before and after pictures! Anyways, during my puffy and poky healing process, I was thankful to have my A Million Bears coloring book to ease my pain.

There’s just something about staying in the lines that makes me feel like I have everything together. A girl who has her shit figured out. A girl with a set of 64 colored pencils.

So go out there and join the baby adult community if you haven’t already.


Here are a few of my favorites!










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