i got lip fillers!! my juvederm experience, before and after pictures

Lip fillers are dangerous.

Okay, safety-wise, they’re actually pretty solid. They’re minimally invasive and made up of hyaluronic acid which is a substance naturally found in your body. It can be dissolved at anytime using an enzyme called “hyaluronidase”. Without the use of this enzyme, hyaluronic acid will naturally be broken down and metabolized by your body after about 6 months (but that varies person-to-person), returning your lips to their original state. The most important part of guaranteeing the safety and gorgeousness in your procedure is going somewhere reputable. As tempting as it is to save a little money (the biggest drawback… fillers will cost you some major $$$) remember that this is your face. It’s the first thing people see, it’s the first thing you see, it’s precious and special and deserves the best of the best!

Lip fillers are dangerous because once you get them, you will NEVER want to live without them.

Here’s my personal experience!

I originally visited my favorite local laser center for a consultation about laser skin resurfacing. While I was there, the consultant asked me if I had any questions about other procedures. “Well, actually-” and she excitedly informed me all about Juvéderm and Restylane fillers, showing me before and after pictures and discussing in-depth the procedure and prices.

I quickly became disinterested in the laser resurfacing and very excited about this whole lip filler business. I had always been fascinated by lip fillers, watching videos on Instagram and YouTube and reading about people’s personal stories and the process. For some reason, I just never saw it as accessible. It seemed so lux, so extra, so… LA. In reality, lip fillers are much more common than one might expect. The thing about them is that when it’s done correctly, you really can’t tell. They can look so natural you’d just assume there was an explosion in the population of people with perfect lips.

I went home, animately researched the results and side effects, consulted by BFF and my mom, and after about a week I decided to book an appointment. They warned me I would have some swelling and bruising for a day or so after, but being the ever-eager girl I am I booked the next available appointment. A Monday, the entire week after which I had school.

I went in to my appointment with butterflies, never having had a cosmetic procedure before. The entire process was actually much more relaxing than I would have expected. I was set up with fluffy pillows on a dentist-like chair by a friendly nurse practitioner, with flawless full lips of course. We went over what my ideal outcome was, I told her I loved the natural shape of my lips but just wanted them to be fuller, specifically my top lip.

She gave me a dental block which I had never had before, and I promptly got it all in my mouth, numbing my entire throat. So uncomfortable but definitely worth it. The injection itself was relatively painless, I could feel a weird sensation of the needle being inside me but I would describe it more as uncomfortable than painful. It didn’t take longer than ten minutes, and about 1/4 of the syringe was left over. Although it’s not common for places to do this, she offered to save it and inject it during my follow-up appointment if I wanted a little more volume after I saw the final results.

I left with a fabulous souvenir (see below!) and a sore, swollen, sexy pout. The results immediately following the injection are supposed to be what your final results will look like.

Okay, listen carefully here. Day 2 is rough. You know those women you see online and such with the botched, giant, duck lips? That will be you. You won’t look like yourself. You will be scared.

Don’t be scared! It’s temporary, my swelling was just awful. I iced constantly however and I do think that helped prevent bruising. My lips were tight, and anything I drank poured right down my chin. Unfortunately, I had to summon up all my courage and go to school. I slapped some foundation on those suckers and did my best to use bright eyeshadow and mascara to distract from my lips. It was an unpleasant day to say the least. However, by that night the swelling had gone down by almost half and the next day it was just about gone. The hard little bumps at the injection sites softened and I was left with the lips of my dreams. I’ll post an update after they’re completely healed!

To conclude, I can safely say that lip fillers are going to be a big part of my life (and budget…) from now on and I’m so happy with my results. Please share any of your personal experiences or questions!






I was almost as excited about this pen they gave me as I was my lip fillers. I mean, how cute?!


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